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How To Create Your Own Custom LinkedIn Profile URL? How To Use It?

LinkedIn is a site where you can create a two types of free account.The two different accounts leads you to post about job vacancy and seek for jobs. There you are allowed to post you’re CVand Resume and can create nice profile to make the receptorsattract. You can even create a Profile URL by your own to make your profile link sharable and others can visit directly.

To create your own custom LinkedIn profile URL, you need to login first. To login, you can follow these steps:

1. You need to open your browser on your desktop, then open google in it or any search engine that is familiar to you. You can open google because it is the most popular search engine. To open google, you can go with this link.
2. There you can search for LinkedIn login where you will get numerous results which can make you confuse. So, to make it easy, you may go with this This link will open home page of LinkedIn.
3. You can both sign up and sign in from that page. To sign in, within the navigation bar you may see email and password blanks.
4. There, first you need to enter your email address on the first blanks and then you need to enter your password in the second blank respectively beside the first blank. Then you need to click on Login button beside the blanks.

After that you will be logged in and you can follow these steps to create your own custom LinkedIn profile URL:

1. In the home page after you login, you will see a navigation bar. There you need to click on the “Me” tab. as you click the tab, you will get the drop down option from where you need to click on the “View Profile” text colored in blue.
2. As you enter the profile page, you need to check for the “Edit Public profile & URL” box at right side.If you find the box with same text then you need to click on it. That click will open a page where you can edit your public profile URL.
3. Editing the URL means you will have the URL already but it was not customized by you because a URL that you see is the one created by the LinkedIn automatically when you sign up. You will see that URL in the right side of the page.
4. With the URL, you will also have a pencil type icon which is edit. And you need to click on that to edit that URL and customize your own. You can’t edit the front “” but you can change/edit your name at back.In default, you will get your name.You can edit that.
5. You can customize in your own way but you can’t miss-use the format that it gives. After finish customizing, you can click on the “Save” button to save the new URL.
6. This new URL will be visible as publicly to others to make you contact in your profile. You can share by copying from there and pastingin other place. After all, you can go back to home page and search for job or post about job vacancy.

After you finish customizing your LinkedIn Profile URL, you need to get know how to use it. You can used it as these order:

1. Include the URL to your LinkedIn profile on your Resume, up at the top with your name, email address and phone number.
2. Include your LinkedIn profile URL in your email signature.
3. Add your LinkedIn profile URL to your referring business cards.
Later you can edit your URL again as time changes. To edit you can follow same steps as above.