How To Add Hyperlink In LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the sitethat gives you the feature of creating account for searching jobs or posting jobs. It also allows you to post your CV and Resume. Here you can add a hyperlink of somewhere else that is related with you. You may have some websites or page that you would lie to mention. So, you can add the links in LinkedIn profile.

To add hyperlink in LinkedIn profile then you can follow these steps:

1. First you need to login your account capsa properly,If you want add hyperlink in LinkedIn Profile So, you need to open the browser of your computer and also open a search engine like Google in it.In search engine, you can search for the login page link and you will get results in seconds.

2. You will need to open the genuine one form those results. As you open the LinkedIn login page, you will see two blanks where you need to fill the first blank with the email address or username. Then you will need to enter your password in the second blank respectively.

3. After entering both data, you need to click on the “Log In” button. This will make you login and you will need to follow these further steps. In the home screen, you will see the navigation bar in which you will see the “Me” tab in right side.

4. You need to click on it and check for the drop down optionin which you will get the “View profile” option and you need to click on it.So, this will take you the profile page.

5. In the profile page, you will see the details and information that you have provided. If you know how to edit your profile then it will be easy. If not then you need to look for the pencil icon beside your name.That icon is the edit icon which will open the “Edit intro” page.

6. In that page, you need to scroll down to bottom. Nearly at bottom, you will see the “Link” button which you need to click. That click will add a blank where you can paste your link of somethingthat you want to add in this profile.

7. As you add the link in the respective area, you need to click on the “Save” button at bottom to save your changes. This will add a link in your profile and other people can view it.

As you finish all, you need to remember to sign out in every login.

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